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Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Smartphone Filmmaking


A simple guide to getting started smartphone filmmaking.

Read our article: https://momofilmfest.com/the-ultimate-beginners-guide-to-smartphone-filmmaking/

Best Camera Apps: https://momofilmfest.com/best-smartphone-camera-apps-for-video/
Mobile Motion KIT LIST: https://momofilmfest.com/the-kit-list/

Zhiyun Smooth 4: https://geni.us/5rnHBko
Zhiyun Smooth Q2: https://geni.us/a2pv
DJI Osmo Mobile 2: https://geni.us/PRPa0
DJI Osmo Mobile 3: https://geni.us/ykCKc2

Other Gear:
Maranz Shotgun Mic: https://geni.us/xPpoeJ
Audio Technic Shotgun Mic: https://geni.us/OteLE
Azden Shotgun Mic: https://geni.us/FUeR
Rode VideoMic Me: https://geni.us/ZQpO7f
Rode VideoMic Pro+ : https://geni.us/vYtBfXk
Manfrotto Tripod: https://geni.us/OehDiEd
Zecti Video Rig: https://geni.us/fSZcHMb
Beastgrip Rig: https://geni.us/0LXzrz8

Moondog Labs Anamorphic: https://moondoglabs.com/
Moment Lenses: https://momofilmfest.com/moment-lenses-for-smartphone-filmmaking/

FiLMiC Pro: https://www.filmicpro.com/
MAVIS: https://www.shootmavis.com/
Open Camera: http://opencamera.org.uk/


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