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The DJI Mavic Mini Is Now A Professional Drone In 2020 | New Firmware + ND Filters!


The Mavic Mini had a rocky start but thanks to a new firmware update from DJI that unlocked full manual camera controls and 24fps at 2.7k it’s a real contender for run and gun pro work, and it’s a no brainer purchase for first time drone buyers. In this video we’ll chat about why I love the Mavic Mini and test out some Freewell ND Filters for it to get proper shutter speeds in 24fps.

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – History
02:08 – Why I like the Mini
02:39 – Why you need ND filters
03:25 – Footage samples no ND
03:40 – Freewell ND filters
04:33 – How to attach the filters
05:17 – Footage Reel

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