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How To Setup A Mobile Recording Studio | Record Podcast Interviews With The RODE Wireless GO


A lot of people are starting podcasts and recording interviews can be challenging if you’re just starting out. In this video I break down a couple easy and affordable options to record interviews on the go.

00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Context
01:20 – Lavaliers into your phone
02:00 – Desktop style mics with the Wireless GO
02:50 – Cables and adapters
04:30 – Recording and the rode reporter app
05:40 – Lavalier sample podcast
06:25 – Thoughts on the lav setup
06:50 – Monitoring audio for two people
07:40 – Wireless GO Podcast Sample
08:50 – Final thoughts

*Some of the products in this video were provided to me free of charge, but I was not paid to make this and thus my opinions are as unbiased as someone who received a product for free. If it sucks I will tell you it sucks. If it’s good I will tell you it’s good.*

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Gear in this video!

RODE Wireless GO:
https://geni.us/rodewirelessgoPT (affiliate link)
RODE Interview GO (handle)
https://www.rode.com/accessories/interviewgo (not an affiliate link)
Use this to connect to your iPhone (includes lav mics):
RODE SC6-L: https://geni.us/rodesc6L (affiliate link)
You need this cable to connect the wireless go to the SC6-L:
https://geni.us/cQRMP (affiliate link)
Headphone splitter:
https://geni.us/headphonesplitterPT (affiliate link)
Mic stands:


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My voiceover mic: https://geni.us/rodemicpt (affiliate link)

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