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Sennheiser ClipMic Digital Review (for iPhone)


In this quick review we test the Sennheiser ClipMic Digital. This mic is really a professional level device geared towards video producers, journalists, event producers and advanced hobbyists.

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For our test we recorded using the Meta Recorder app on an iPhone 6S to Broadcast .WAV files at 48k 24bit.

What We Like:

1. Professional grade build quality and sound quality (and it should be for $199).
2. Digital mic – meaning it connects through the Lightning port on an iPhone – not only is this nice for quality, but it also allows you to monitor using headphones via the analog headphone jack.
3. Apogee App integration – great recording app that works well with the mic.

What We Don’t Like:

1. It is on the pricey side at just under $200, but for pro use it’s not really a problem – but hobbyists might feel it’s too much.
2. The carry case that ships with it is flimsy – get another one or put the mic in with other gear.
3. It’s not “plug and play” (at least in our tests) – you need to set the level in the app to get a good recording, other wise it defaults too low of a recording level (not sure if this is the mic output or the app?).

Overall a nice professional sounding mic that is very portable and a great addition to a filmmaker’s or audio professional’s kit.

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