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GORA Lavalier Mic Review


In this quick review we test the GORA lav mic. This mic is new to the smartphone scene as of late 2015 and offers good quality at a very affordable price (see below for link to buy).

For our test we recorded using the Meta Recorder app on an iPhone 6S to Broadcast .WAV files at 48k 24bit.

What We Like:

1. Easy to use – works with most (if not all) audio/video apps on an iPhone.
2. The built-in cable is a good practical length at 59″ or 1.5m. It works well for small one-man-band type video shoots especially, or a variety of audio setups.
3. Surprisingly good sound quality for such an affordable mic (currently under $20 on Amazon).
4. Price – again, this is a very inexpensive mic but the build quality and sound quality are both very solid. Great bang for the buck.

What We Don’t Like: (minor stuff)

1. The windscreen is slightly bulky – yes, you want it to knock the wind down, but it can be unsightly on a shirt or collar. However, one thing we didn’t mention in the video is the windscreen CAN be removed.
2. Analog connection – the mic connects into the headphone jack, so that means you can’t monitor what you’re recording like you can with some other mics that use the Lightning port.

Overall a very solid wired lav mic for a really great price.

Buy it here on Amazon:

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