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Filmic Pro Tutorial: Every Setting Explained in One Video


The ULTIMATE Filmic Pro tutorial: Every single feature, setting, button and slider explained in one video.

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Samsung Note20 Ultra: https://geni.us/uvhTHm
Samsung S9: https://geni.us/SmgC

iPad Pro 11 inch: https://geni.us/9nTM

External Drives
Samsung T5 Portable SSD: https://geni.us/NbtN
SanDisk Ultra Dual USB 64GB Type-C: https://geni.us/J7vhnvs

Moment Anamorphic (Blue & Gold): https://moment.8ocm68.net/LPaY2M
Moondog Labs anamorphic: https://moondoglabs.com/?ref=gopingk-0oj
Beastgrip Pro Series 3x Tele: https://geni.us/CLlwYa
Ulanzi 65mm: https://geni.us/ZgAFOXb
Ulanzi 2020 DoF Adapter: https://www.ulanzi.com/products/ulanzi-upgraded-dof-adapter?aff=168
Ulanzi DoF Adapter (Version 1): https://geni.us/jY0Nz

DJI Osmo Mobile 3: https://geni.us/ykCKc2
DJI OM 4: https://geni.us/dAP4jxu

Neewer 37mm filter kit: https://geni.us/iDqZx7b
Step up ring: https://geni.us/E03hohg
Tiffen Black Pro-Mist Diffusion Filter: https://geni.us/BKf1xAO
Moment 67mm Filter Mount: https://moment.8ocm68.net/rn4y5D
K&F 67mm Variable ND Filter: https://geni.us/mYckvJ5
Sandmarc ND / PL clip on filters: https://bit.ly/3dVrfcE

Sennheiser 416: https://geni.us/G9tM
SYNCO Lav-S6: https://geni.us/gBGydq
Comica CVM-WS60: https://geni.us/VC6I5vm
Rode VideoMic Me: https://geni.us/ZQpO7f
Boya BY-M1: https://geni.us/Hmyj

Audio Recorder
Zoom H4n: https://geni.us/SKWCe
Sound Devices 633 recorder/mixer: https://geni.us/dNAZq5X

Boom pole
Rode Boom Pole: https://geni.us/z5BZyc

2 x VIJIM VL-1: https://geni.us/eqcb

Grips and Rigs
Beastgrip: https://geni.us/0LXzrz8
SMALLRIG: https://geni.us/DKj7ZJH
Magic Arm: https://geni.us/ROls
Flexible Gooseneck and Spring Clamp: https://geni.us/5GMA

Ulanzi Mini Tripod: https://geni.us/p5BSQVT
Joby GorillaPod: https://geni.us/As76Ma
Joby GripTight ONE Micro Stand: https://geni.us/xHZuxjD

Apple MacBook Air 2021: https://geni.us/vEd78
LogiTech Slim Folio Pro: https://geni.us/tgk9Jz
Apple iPad Pro 11″: https://geni.us/9nTM
Apple Magic Mouse 2: https://geni.us/KltqDJ

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00:00 Intro
00:40 How to use FiLMiC Pro Reticles
02:11 How to use FiLMiC Pro Exposure Reticle
03:15 FiLMiC Pro Dynamic Tone-Mapping
04:02 How to use FiLMiC Pro Focus Reticle
05:05 How to use FiLMiC Pro Zoom Control
05:50 How to use FiLMiC Pro Manual Controls
06:43 How to set Exposure in FiLMiC Pro
07:51 How to set Focus in FiLMiC Pro
08:04 How to set a Focus pull in FiLMiC Pro
08:55 Live Analytics in FiLMiC pro
09:24 Permanent Overlays in FiLMiC Pro
10:07 Audio Meter
11:33 Audio Level Control
12:08 Record Button
12:20 How to use the FiLMiC Pro Gallery
12:48 Play Window
15:07 Gallery Information
16:02 Gallery Buttons
17:01 FiLMiC Pro Settings
17:18 Resolution Menu
18:22 Crop Source to Overlay
19:11 How to set FiLMiC Pro Resolution
19:38 Bitrate
20:35 Video Codec
22:07 FiLMiC Pro Dolby Vision
23:04 How to set FiLMiC Pro Frame Rate
24:09 Capture & Playback Settings
24:38 Auto Shutter Setting
25:10 How to shoot Timelapse in FiLMiC Pro
26:09 FiLMiC Pro Audio Settings
27:29 Device Menu
27:49 FiLMiC Remote
28:30 Orientation Lock
28:43 How to Setup a FiLMiC Pro Pause Button
29:07 Snap Focus (iOS)
29:22 GPS Tagging (Android)
29:30 Hide Interface
30:25 Volume Keys Record
30:43 Noise Reduction & Sharpness
31:21 Saving & Loading Presets
31:41 Content Management System (CMS)
33:35 Hardware
34:19 FiLMiC Pro Gimbal Support
34:46 Anamorphic De-Squeeze
35:22 Depth of Field Adapter
35:43 FiLMiC SYNC
36:01 Community, FirstLight
36:11 Stabilization
36:21 How to select lenses in FiLMiC Pro
36:39 Torch, Guides & Info
37:16 Time Code Counter
38:00 Histograms
39:00 Imaging Panel
39:13 White Balance
41:54 How to use FiLMiC Pro Cinematographer’s Kit
44:50 Color Behaviour
45:45 And Finally…

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