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I’m Thom.

You might remember me from editing such Restless Development films as ‘We Are Youth Stop AIDS’ and ‘The Night Ladan lit up London’. I’m the International Multimedia Officer here at Restless Development, taking care of all things film-ey and photograph-ey.


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Shutter Speed for Smartphone Video Explained feat. Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit

Learn how to get the film look on your iPhone or Android by adjusting shutter speed in this epic tutorial featuring the Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit and FiLMiC Pro, which allows you to shoot in full sun and maintain the 180 degree shutter rule for filmic motion.

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The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Music while Charging

Auxillite external digital-to-analog converter attaches to 3.5mm jack and lightning ports, allowing you to play audio and stay charged wherever you are.

By Auxillite

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Kodak has launched the ultimate phone for camera obsessives

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Another iPhone 7 Plus video 4K

Shot with iPhone 7+, Filmic Pro in 4K. Editing with iMovie. No tripod, no color correction or filter.

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We Compared the iPhone 7 Plus Camera to a Nikon DSLR

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Longform mobile journalism: Why one reporter produced an entire documentary using mobile devices

Spanish television journalist Leonor Suarez shares the benefits and the challenges she encountered while creating a 50-minute history documentary using her mobile phone and tablet.


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Make Videos With Your Android Smartphone or Tablet Using These 7 Great Apps

If you want to make videos with your Android smartphone or tablet you’re in luck. An Android smartphone is a powerhouse for carrying out multiple tasks on-the-go simply due to its high mobility, display screen technology and unprecedented computing power; they’re certainly more convenient at run-and-gun videography than DSLR rigs because everything you need to produce (hassle-free) video content can fit into your pocket or purse.


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Ep. 18 – iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens Mode Tutorial – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

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App for journalists: PocketVideo, for editing short videos for social media

Add text, images, doodles, filters and music to your footage to produce eye-catching videos native to different platforms.


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