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Best Gear For Making A Short Film On Your Phone


Make A Film For MIFF 👉 http://momnt.io/2ZKpeb5

Thank you Sony Xperia for sponsoring this episode of our series!
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What’s up moment family! And welcome to the MIFF filmmaker’s guide for your smartphone. This is a Seven-part series where Caleb and I will walk you through the process of creating a film on your phone. Today we are talking all about smartphone filmmaking gear you need. All of this gear is what we are planning to use to create our short film.

Watch Episode 1 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pubTW50baE&t=12s

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Check out all of the gear here from this video 👇

Sony Xperia 1II – https://momnt.io/2Q0KQOx
Moment Gold Flare Anamorphic Lens – https://momnt.io/3dEB3pw
Moment Macro Lens – https://momnt.io/3cORP6c
Urth Variable ND Filter – https://momnt.io/3wvYrhG
Moment Variable ND Filter (67mm) – https://momnt.io/2OnVajt
Moment 67mm Lens Filter Mount – https://momnt.io/3mmnfE7
Moment M Series Lens Mount – https://momnt.io/3fNqaEH
Moment 67mm Phone Filter Mount – https://momnt.io/39JTQPa
Shure MV88+ Kit – https://momnt.io/2OpEZSI
Beastclamp Phone Mount – https://momnt.io/3fDyrLs
Joby GripTight Pro 2 Phone Mount – https://momnt.io/3rSsMU0
Moment Magsafe Mounts – https://momnt.io/2PVxF1t
Joby PRO 2 GorillaPod – https://momnt.io/3dwvcCO
Joby RangePod Tripod – https://momnt.io/3rLsMFy
Zhiyun Crane M2 Gimbal – https://momnt.io/3wn1fh4
Rhino Rov Everyday Slider – https://momnt.io/3mifBuE

0:00 – intro
0:50 – Phone
1:18 – Lenses
3:17 – Today’s sponsor – Sony Xperia
4:18 – Variable ND filters
6:22 – Phone Mounts
7:46 – Tripods
9:18 – Audio
10:29 – Gimbals & Sliders
14:30 – Outro

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