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Rock Creek Park – Washington DC – Shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max – Anamorphic Lens – FILMiC Pro

Apps Filming – FilmicPro – Log V2 – http://www.Filmicpro.com Edited – Luma Fusion – http://www.lumatouch.com Lut – Editors Keys Vintage Film Summer – http://www.editorskeys.com Moondog Lens – http://www.moondoglabs.com Music – http://www.storybloks.com Happy and Inspiring by James Grant Website – http://www.mobilefilmmakers.com Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/mofilmmakers

Multi-Camera Filter Mount from Moondog Labs

Attach filters directly to bayonet mount mobile cases with the Moondog Labs Multi-Camera Filter Mount, the perfect solution for adding ND, CPL and other 52mm filters to iPhone 11 models and numerous other multi-camera iPhone models with a bayonet mount case. #shotoniphone #mobilefilmmaking ———– GEAR IN VIDEO FOR PURCHASE FROM MDL: Multi-Camera Filter Mount – […]

Whoa! New MOONDOG LABS Filter Mount for iPhone 11 Pro

Finally a company – Moondog Labs – has created a filter mount that will work with all three cameras (at the same time) on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Btw, this will ALSO work with single and double camera smartphones (using a bayonet mount case – so that mean some Android phones, too). […]

Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens Options

In this video, we introduce the family of Moondog Labs 1.33x Anamorphic Lenses. While each lens design provides the same stunning image quality, your mobile device and shooting preference will determine which lens is best for you. #madewithmoondog JUMP TO A SEGMENT: Clamp-on lens: https://youtu.be/LAGOfPW32zY?t=22 37mm thread: https://youtu.be/LAGOfPW32zY?t=61 12.5mm thread: https://youtu.be/LAGOfPW32zY?t=86 Summary: https://youtu.be/LAGOfPW32zY?t=118 ———– GEAR […]

Shutter Speed for Smartphone Video Explained feat. Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit

Learn how to get the film look on your iPhone or Android by adjusting shutter speed in this epic tutorial featuring the Moondog Labs ND Filter Kit and FiLMiC Pro, which allows you to shoot in full sun and maintain the 180 degree shutter rule for filmic motion.