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How to make audio sound far away | Audio Tips for Filmmaking


In this mailbag episode Steve and Andrew tackle hard hitting questions like how to make audio sound far away, 16bit audio vs 24bit audio, which DAW is best for beginners, and how to record quiet sounds. The whole episode is full of audio tips for filmmaking. We even talk about how to enhance your chances of selling your movie to Netflix and getting it into a film festival!

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Sound for filmmaking is hard, but these tips from Steve selling your movie to Netflix will make it easier to let people hear all the hard work you’ve done to your movie. And when Andrew talks about how to make audio sound far away in Premiere, we show you great B-roll and examples of how it all comes together in the DAW and NLE. These audio tips for video productions are also YouTube audio tips. That’s right. this cinematic sound design tutorial isn’t just for feature films. You can also use these audio tips for filmmaking on your next YouTube short film.

The most important thing though about this mailbag episode is making audio sound far away. Giving your audio emotion and depth really lets your audio know what’s going on in your movie. The last thing you want is your audio to sound in a vacuum. Add reverb to your audio and your film will come alive. A good lens and camera is great but sound for filmmaking is what really is the key. Lavaliers are great for location sound mixing but it’s cinematic sound design that takes that isolated audio track and makes the audio perspective.

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