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London graffiti artists – shot on iPhone using Filmic Pro

After i did a lecture at the Vault Festival in Waterloo on my walks I came across these artists and felt the need to film them with my iPhone 6s using filmic pro and the Smooth C 3 axis gimbal.

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Shoot wide, not tall

When shooting a video with a smartphone or tablet, you might be tempted to hold the device vertically. This is how you do it when making a call, texting, or shooting some still photos. But when making a video, shooting

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The Samson Go Mic Mobile is a 2.4 GHz digital wireless mic system touting low latency audio transmission which promises to eliminate video sync issues, making it a good choice for filmmaker and video producers. The dual channel receiver can

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Luma Fusion – Complete Tutorial

  Complete tutorial on how to use Luma Fusion to edit videos on iOS device. Leave your suggestions or questions in the comments and follow @mofilmmakers on Twitter. Luma Fusion

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DreamGrip Smartphone Rig for Filmmakers

If you’re a smartphone videography enthusiast maybe considering to step up your game, check out DreamGrip. You can use it with any smartphone, and allows you to mount plenty of accessories. READ

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Grip Gear Introduces Lightweight Motorized Slider for Action Cams and Smartphones

The slider weighs only 300 grams, offering smooth movement to B camera and action camera footage at an incredibly low cost. READ

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Tips and Tools to Take Your Smartphone Photography to New Dimensions

You can’t beat the camera you always have with you. It is now most likely that the images you see on a Facebook feed, Snapchat, or texts were taken with a smartphone. READ

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Profiles in mobile journalism: Where citizens fit

What do you do when you are doing a story on the treatment of refugees but you can’t go there? READ

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10 Tips To Shoot Cinematic Smartphone Video

Achieving cinematic smartphone video results is not just a matter of taking it out of your pocket, point and shoot. Use these 10 tips to extract the best from your phone camera. READ

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Google Pixel 4K Cinematic Video footage

Via Matteo Bertoli

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