If you’re a filmmaker who uses Filmic Pro for your mobile filmmaking, then you need to check out this new video. In it, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the new payment system and see if it’s good for future mobile filmmakers. We’ll also discuss whether or not this is the […]
A behind-the-scenes look at how I did post-production on my iPhone shot short film “Preowned”. Watch the short film: Watch the previous BTS videos: Production https://youtu.be/bHXViOfvtVY Pre-pro https://youtu.be/o1dVyWjbfvE Lens rig https://youtu.be/ZksswE7gIsY 🎥 Making movies with FiLMiC Pro? Check out our LUT Packs! http://bit.ly/filmicproluts LEARN MOBILE FILMMAKING! ▶︎ Smartphone Cinematography 101 (SAVE 10%): http://bit.ly/SmartCineSave10 ▶︎ The […]
Review of the SmallRig 1.55x anamorphic smartphone lens. Test footage all shot with an iPhone 13 Pro Max using the Filmic Pro app. ▶︎ FEATURED GEAR: SmallRig 1.55x anamorphic https://geni.us/0Mvnp2 (Amazon) or https://geni.us/CyGN (B&H) SmallRig iPhone cage https://geni.us/QFxoz9P (Amazon) 52mm magnetic filter https://geni.us/pKlyKBU (Amazon) Beatgrip handle https://geni.us/EEylD (Amazon) Beastcage https://beastgrip.kckb.st/a0d2ce30 LEARN MOBILE FILMMAKING! ▶︎ Smartphone […]
The Bird is part of The Global Film Project from Dublin Smartphone Film Festival. The idea of the project was to get filmmakers collaborating and creating during the pandemic. A group of filmmakers from 8 different countries were tasked to to create short films based around a single theme- One person’s trash is another person’s […]
Learn how to master your smartphone gimbal. And if you’re thinking about buying a new smartphone gimbal, then make sure to watch this video first. FOR MEMBERS: ►How to create your own gimbal shots: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62766515 ►170+ page Smartphone Videography Handbook: https://www.patreon.com/posts/57627903 ►Master Your Smartphone Camera Settings Guide ►Film Look & Color Grading Guides ►GET MORE […]